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I am an elementary education major at the University of South Alabama. I decided to go into this field after changing my major two times. I felt this is where my calling is to help students achieve more than they think they can.

Monday, March 29, 2010

homework 2/28

This is How We Dream Part 1 and Part 2
Dr. Miller talks about how things have changed so much since when he was growing up. He talks about how people do not really go to the library anymore or read books. Almost everything can be found online and can be made more interesting by the use of videos or by adding audio. He even gives tips on how to do perform these functions.
He talks about how everything is being shared one example was itunes U and if you think about it that isn't a bad idea because of the fact that we are getting ideas from everyone and being able to compare ideas with sharing. I think it is a good idea to have everything available at one click if you think about it when you look around in a college classroom almost every student has a computer and always on it whether it be taking notes or making notation in a calender of upcoming assignments.
The one thing I did not agree with was Dr. Miller said that one day we will not be using word processors. I think that is something that we will contiue to need but I do think they will enhance it so much that it will be able to do almost everything and will eventually be completely online. I am not sure if I am prepared for all of this but I do think my students will be able to do this and I also think that they will probably be more advanced in technology because of how things advance.

The Networked Student
This video probably got my attention more than most. I really thought it was very informative and helped me understand a lot more about PLN's and other forms of networking before watching this video I really didn't understand the point of networking besides facebook and myspace and other things like that but now I can see that there are other forms of networking and that they can be really helpful in the classroom. Networking can be used to connect with other students in other areas who are studying the same material you are and comparing information it can also be used to find links for topics you are doing research on. There are so many possiblities that networking can be used for.
I liked how this video really explained how to use PLN's and why they are important. The way the video does this in a way that makes it easy to understand how to use them and also why they are so useful and important.
I must say at the end of the video when the question was asked then "Why does the networked student even need a teacher?" I was kind of taken back because I am an Elementary Education major and this would mean that there is no need for any teachers if the answer was there is no need for them. The answer was though to help the student when they came to a problem or if they needed help with anything else so this means even though it is all dont online teachers are still needed. As a future teacher I think with a little practice I will be able to help students with PLN's and any other type of networking.

Michael Wesch
It was really hard to get into this video and he was not a bad speaker and he was funny I just found it hard to get into. He talks about how in the past what they thought the MTV boom. He talks about the different words that moved from show to show and how it caught on so easily. This still goes on now and is very noticable and he talks about that as well.

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