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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

comments for teachers week 10 and 12

For this assignment we were required to post on a teachers blog for a period of three weeks I have included my comments that I left the teacher. On each post I had to comment on it was something different but yet very interesting and I felt she informed me more than I thought would be possible. On one post she talks about the updated version of gmail and that is something I am not very used to using except for this class and I learned so much more about it. The second post was about a cell phone and all the different things it could do. I liked this post because I have been struggling with getting a more updated phone than my blackberry yet I am so used to using my blackberry I was not sure. She talked about the different things that it could do and all the new things that were available on it. The last post I commented on was one about new additions that had been added to google docs. This was very helpful because google docs is something used so frequently in this class and has also became one of my favorite things to use. Overall I learned a lot from just the three post that I read and commented on.
The first comment I made to her blog:Hello my name is Jenny I am taking EDM310 at South Alabama and my teacher has asked to read and comment on certain post. I think that you post about Gmail is very interesting and also very imformative. I myself just got a gmail account for this class and I have to admit that I really did not know much about it until then. After reading your post I found that I have learned more about using gmail than I ever thought I would. Here is a link to our class blog and also my personal blog:, class blog:

My second comment:Hey it is Jenny again I think that this is a great pitch I love learning about all the new cell phone technology. I have to say I am pretty stuck on my blackberry though but now it seems that they have so many new cell phones out that can do more than my blackberry or the internet explore is more advance that I am considering getting a different phone but it is hard to change when I have been so used to the same type of phone for so long. The way you listed all the things that your phone can do has made me reconsider because we are in a new age and need to keep up with technology.
My final comment for the weeks assigned: Jenny and I am in EDM310 and we have to learn all about new technology and google docs was a new one for me. My teacher told us about it and at first I was against it since all I have ever used is microsoft but since learning about google docs it is all I want to use now because it seems to be so much easier to use. Thank you for posting about the new things that have been added to google docs I think that you made it very easy to understand and also helps inform people like myself who do not always know the new features that have been added.

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