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I am an elementary education major at the University of South Alabama. I decided to go into this field after changing my major two times. I felt this is where my calling is to help students achieve more than they think they can.

Friday, April 16, 2010


My personal learning networks are skype which I have used to talk to one of my classmates about homework assignments and projects that I did not understand. I also plan to continue using this as I continue with school and after I graduate. I also use twitter, I have just gotten used to twitter but plan to follow other elementary education majors and other teachers or soon to be teachers. I like timetoast which I had never heard of but think that it will be a great tool for my students to use. We could work on different subjects and to learn about each student. Delicious will be very helpful when I find lesson plans that I like I will be able to bookmark them for the future. As an elementary education major I am not sure if I will be able to use google earth but I would like to use it if possible.

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